Sporting Performance… with a difference

Sporting Performance… with a difference

Want to be back on the field? Fed up of just waiting to get better?

Come and see what you can do to speed up your recovery.

For athletes who want to enhance their recovery and get back to their best… This specialist approach allows diagnosis and treatment of the root causes of your issue, as well as the symptoms so that you can get rid of them for good.

Using extensive knowledge of the human body and mind-body medicine to uncover and clear physical, emotional and subconscious blocks to recovery, you will see and feel real results quickly.

Adult Athletes

Whether you’re a weekend warrior or a pro, I know how important your sporting performance is to you. If there is anything getting in your way of outstanding performance you are in the right place.



  • 1:1
  • Consultancy
  • Whole team screening
  • Pre-hab
  • Collaboration with coaching team/managers

Youth Athletes/Parents

The specific requirements of a growing and developing body need to be considered carefully during treatment and management of injuries and sporting performance. You can feel confident your needs (or your child’s needs) will be met with my specialist training and experience working with children both in sport and NHS settings and enjoy close working links with Paediatric Orthopaedic Consultants and other specialist paediatric health care providers.



  • Injury rehabilitation and consultancy on the following.
  • Advice to coaches/sports clubs e.g. injury management, sporting performance, common problems and their solutions (sport and age specific).
  • Pre-season screening (individual and whole team/club).
  • Pre-hab and rehab programme design and/or delivery.

See below for more information.


Preventative Screening

Reduce your risk of injury and help future proof your health with this comprehensive screening.

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This in-depth analysis identifies all the weak links in your body and provides you with a clear strategy to target them, minimising the chance they will cause you problems in the future.


Sports Specific Rehab

Make sure your body is ready to tackle all the physical demands of your sport before you get back out there so you can feel fully confident and perform at your best again.

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Your rehab programme is individually tailored to your needs. This may include working with your coaching team and manager in a training and competitive environment so you are fully prepared for your return to competition. Most people go back fitter and stronger than they were before.



Surprisingly easy to implement you can pre-hab to reduce future injury risk, optimise your performance or just get fitter/stronger/faster.

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A proactive way of managing your training to keep you performing at your best for longer.


Optimising your body’s healing response

A holistic approach to identifying and addressing all the factors suppressing your body’s natural healing response and affecting your performance.

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There are so many factors that disrupt our body’s natural ability to heal such as toxins/chemicals from our environments, stress, poor diet, poor sleep. You will be fully supported to take simple steps to minimise these so you make a more speedy recovery.

Any Other Questions?

You don’t have to worry anymore because you’ll have a specialist supporting you every step of the way so that. Contact me for a no obligation discussion on how this approach can help you or download my amazing tips for kick-starting your body’s healing right now.